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POLICHROM G 387 is an aqueous emulsion copolymer of vinyl acetates, acrylic ester and versatic ester. It is fine dispersed and of medium viscosity. It is stabilized with cellulose derivative. It creates a transparent and smooth film with good elongation. POLICHROM G-387 is suitable for production of coatings and mortar for interior walls.

Dry matter content (DIN 53189)/ %: 48±1
pH value: 4-5
Viscosity according to Brookfield (ISO 2555
Spindle No. 6, 50 rpm, 23 °C)/ mPas:
2000 - 5000
Particle size/ nm: 100 -1500
Minimum filming temperature (MFFT)
(DIN 53787)/ °C:
≈ 6
Sensitivity to low temperatures/ °C: < 0
Film appearance: transparent, glossy, tough, non sticky

APPLICATION: Because of its moderate tolerance of alkali and medium water absorbance, POLICHROM G- 387 is suitable for emulsion coatings and mortars for interior walls.


Production of emulsion coatings is usually accomplished in suitable agitators with a great number of revolutions, e.g., in a dissolver. Adequate raw material must be used in production of coatings and paints based on POLICHROM G-387:
Fillers: micronized minerals calcite, dolomite, talc, kaolin, quartz
Wetting agents: Na-polyphosphates, poly acrylic acid's salts.
Pigments: titan dioxide, ferrous pigments, organic pigments.
Wetting agents-coalescent: butyl glycol, butyl glycol acetate
Thickeners: cellulose ethers and poly acrylic copolymer's salts
Defoamers: silicon, ester.
Preservatives: based on 2-metyl-izotiazolin-3-on.


STORAGE: The POLICHROM G 387 should be stored at temperatures ranging from 5 to 30°C, in an area protected from freezing and direct heat.

PACKING: PE 125 kg drums, PE 1000 kg containers or in 20000 kg road tankers.



This data is based on our knowledge and experience and gives general informations about our product and its use. Each user must responsibly test possibility of using the product for a specific purpose.

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