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POLICHROM T 308 is an aqueous emulsion of homopolymer vynilacetate with a high degree of polymerization. It has a large particle size and medium viscosity. It is stabilized with polyvynil alcohol and contains no coalescents.
The emulsion has a good tolerance for plasticizers, solvents and fillers. The finished film is slightly opaque, hard and brittle.

Dry matter content (DIN 53189)/ %: 50 ± 1
pHvalue: 3-5
Viscosity according to Brookfield (ISO 2555
spindle No. 5, 50 rpm, 23 °C)/ mPas:
3000 -10000
Particle size/ nm: 1000 - 3000
Sensitivity at low temperatures/ °C: < 0
Film appearance: slightly opaque, hard and brittle

APP LICATION: POLICHROM T 308 is intended primarily for the manufacture of products for finishing and stiffening of woven and nonwoven textile fabrics, felts, fabrics made of polyester and other synthetic fibers, cotton and their mixtures and glass fibers.


Since the properties of polymer-treated textiles depend upon the quality of the binder used, ali fabrics prepared with POLICHROM T-308 have a markedly rigid and full touch, good textile strength and resistance to alongation.
Textile fabrics are finished with polymer emulsion via transfer rollers or by spraying. Mixing with various additives to the polymer emulsion for textile finishing , the properties of the end product can vary. The additives can be some other polymer emulsions, fillers, pigments, water and oil repellents, crosslinkers, thickeners etc.




PE 125 kg drums, PE 1000 kg containers or in 20000 kg road tankers.





In tightly sealed containers in area protected from direct heat and freezing, on temperatures between 5 and 30 °C, for no longer then 6 months.




This data is based on our knowledge and experience and gives general informations about our product and its use. Each user must responsibly test possibility of using the product for a specific purpose.
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